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Got Married Need a Lawyer?  ( was created to serve those who have found “the one” across the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, those who have traveled far and wide in search of love.  And yeah, those who happened to bump into the one at a local coffee shop talking with a slight accent that made you fall head over the hills.  Got Married Need a Lawyer was established with a mission to bring your beloved spouse from a foreign country or help your beloved stay in America with proper documents.  


We happily took on the mission with the purpose of doing it right.  We have seen countless couples getting the wrong help or, no help at all, and literally putting their whole life on hold.  One missing document or an unprepared interview can mean no travel and unemployment for months or years.  What should be the most blissful time of your life can be the most anxious and stressful.  What is more frustrating for us is to fix someone else’s mistake.  Sometimes, as painful as it may be to give up on thousands of dollars that have already been  invested into your case, we have to re-file your case and do it all over again.


So, we created Got Married Need a Lawyer: to do it once and to do it right.  We are here to give you a peace of mind in getting the proper documents for your beloved.  Sure we know the abc’s of immigration law (A1/A2, B1/B2, F1, H1B, J1, K1/K2, L1, M1, O1, P1, R1, TN, U Visa, VAWA Petitions), but this is specifically for you and your beloved from across the world.  A toast to your love, marriage, and family from all of us at!

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