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Our attorneys are licensed in various states in America including California,Wisconsin, and New Jersey. Sure we have paralegals and assistants working on our cases but every case is assigned to a licensed attorney who oversees paralegals and assistants working on the cases. No case leaves our office without being thoroughly prepared, reviewed, and signed by a licensed attorney. Because immigration law is a federal law, our attorneys can help  clients living anywhere in the United States or overseas. There is no restriction on the geographic area for our attorneys to practice immigration law. We have clients in almost all the states of America as well as clients in various countries. Our attorneys practice U.S. immigration law on a national and global level. With the advancement of informational technology and social media, the need for in- person meetings has been drastically reduced. We communicate with our clients via emails, Skype, text messaging, Facebook, etc. Of course, we also meet our clients’ need via in-office meetings, phones, and faxes. Whatever your preference for communication is, we are flexible in meeting your needs. We encourage you to contact our office via any of the means available to you and we will be happy to accommodate your preference.

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